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Launching The Evil Inside Us: Excitement, Tea, Friendships, and Nerves

The Evil Inside Us has been launched! How do you launch a book? And why would a writer nervously look to a five-year-old for approval on their speech? Read on…

The Evil Inside Us – Pre-Orders Open!

Click through to find out more about The Evil Inside Us, and to pre-order your paperback copy now!

NYC Midnight Round 1 Results

Results for Round 1 of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction comp are in, and here’s how I placed!

Human Jokes Wins NiTH Award!

First place in the Death and Public Speaking Award goes to Sophie L Macdonald for her story Human Jokes. A tale about the potential futures (and risks) that lie ahead in our A.I. driven future.

Human Jokes Shortlisted at NiTH!

Human Jokes, my story of an AI attempting to regain human trust, has made the NiTH shortlist for The Death and Public Speaking Award!

Human Jokes

My entry for NiTH’s The Death and Public Speaking Award: 575 words in which a character faces high stakes when addressing the public. In my story, an AI has to convince a fearful general public that she can be trusted.

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