Blood on My Hands wins NiTH To The Nines Award

Blood on My Hands – Part 4 of The Old Ones has just been announced as the winner of NiTH’s To The Nines award!

From the announcement

Sophie Macdonald’s Old Ones serial also tends towards the disturbed, though which a much closer focus. A young boy, Matthew, is possessed by a malicious spirit known only as ‘Ninny’. This week’s episode, Blood On My Hands, reveals certain secrets about Matthew’s mother, Lisa, indicating a darker history and level of involvement than we had perhaps already considered.

Our winner this week has enjoyed a spate of recent wins, continually looking like 2016’s in form writer. Despite raising our barrier of expectation, we seem to find more reasons to like and appreciate her work.

The Old Ones serial has now won three of the four rounds of this competition!

You can read the series by following the links below

One of Nine – Part 1 of The Old Ones

Whispering Time – Part 2 of The Old Ones

Babies in the Snow – Part 3 of The Old Ones

Blood on My Hands – Part 4 of The Old Ones

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