Glitch Shortlisted @NiTH

Glitch, my mathematically arranged story, has been shortlisted for the Needle in the Hay Lucky Numbers Award.

The brief was to write a piece of flash fiction where the central theme and tension revolves around numbers. The story itself also needed to have some kind of internal logic to the numbers within its structure, so it was a bit of a maths puzzle within a maths puzzle.

I’m a little bit geeky when it comes to these things, so I had a lot of fun here.

I wrote a very short piece about a researcher discovering  not only proof of Fibonacci’s postulation about number sequencing in rabbit breeding (stay with me), but also that we may be living in an artificial simulation of a world (a current theory, which Elon Musk has been talking about a lot lately).

I structured the story so each paragraph reflected a Fibonacci sequence and adhered to the golden ratio. There are notes at the bottom of the story to explain what the hell I am talking about.

As much as you might be thinking this doesn’t sound like anything you ever want to read, I had a lot of fun here. It was a challenge to make the story fit my self-imposed maths trickery, and it made my inner geek smile. In fact, I had to email my equally geeky dad straight away, and tell him how much he was going to like this one…

Hope you do too.

I think everyone enjoyed this challenge, as there are some great stories in this round. You can read them here.

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