The Boy With No Name Shortlisted @ NiTH

The Boy With No Name – Part 9 (final part) of The Old Ones has been shortlisted at Needle in the Hay’s To The Nines competition.

This was the final round, and it was tricky to tie up some of the loose ends with a tight word count. I couldn’t have predicted how this story would grow and develop, and the word count was tricky for me each week as I had so much more to say!

I’m considering rewriting the chapters into a single longer story, which would allow me to add in all the juicy details I had to hint at (or omit completely). Watch this space…

One of the great things about NiTH is that writers receive feedback on their stories from five judges, which I find incredibly helpful for seeing what worked and what didn’t. As the series comes to a close I can see that the most positive remarks throughout refer to the creepiness factor, and a criticism is that I didn’t expand enough on certain areas. At times I found it hard to cover everything and move the story forward within the word limits given, but a rewrite will allow me to expand on all that needs expanding (and there is a lot more I want to tell you in this story).

For this chapter I liked the start of Judge Four’s feedback a lot: “Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.”

You can read all the entries at the NiTH website here.

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