The Best Night of My Life (Pt 3) Wins NiTH Award!

Once again I missed the announcement about the shortlist, as this time I was on holiday in beautiful Vanuatu! I was knocked out of my post-holiday slump when, on the way home from the airport, I received the news that Part 3 of my four-part reverse chronology story won the Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Award at Needle in the Hay!

This four part story starts at the end, and works slowly back to the start. In Pt 1 (The End) we met Ella and Jake, a teenage couple on the brink of acting out a suicide pact. In Pt 2 (Nearly the End) we see things from Sarah’s perspective, as she mourns her best friend, Nelly, and blames Ella and Jake for the events leading to Nelly’s death. Part 3 takes us back to when Nelly was alive, and shines a light on what might have driven Nelly to kill herself.

From the judges:

“This is an extremely well written and thought-provoking piece. It truly reflects the reality of online bullying. Facebook was certainly not around when I was a teen but Sophie has transported me to this adolescent world. It feels real and scary.”

You can read the other entries at NiTh here.

To read the first (last) 3 instalments of the story, follow the links below:

This is Not the End (Part 1 – The End)

The Ones to Blame (Part 2 – Nearly the End)

The Best Night of My Life (Part 3 – Nearly the Start)

Keep an eye out for the final (first) part, coming soon…

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