It’s All For You (Pt 4) Wins NiTH Award!

I’m excited to announce that the last part of my reverse chronology story has won the NiTH Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 (Part 4) award!

Part 1 (This is Not the End) began, contrarily, at the end of the tale. Ella narrates the story, and we learn that she and her boyfriend Jake are considering suicide after a terrible event concerning a schoolmate, Nelly Banks.

Part 2 (The Ones to Blame) takes a step back in the story, and we learn more about the event from which Ella and Jake are running. This story is narrated by Nelly Banks’s best friend.

Part 3 (The Best Night of My Life) is narrated by Nelly herself, and goes into the event that ended up changing everyone’s lives.

Part 4 (It’s All For You) is voiced by Jake, and shows us the start of the story and how terrible things can come from mundane situations.

I loved writing a story in reverse order, and enjoyed reading everyone’s entries in this contest! I’m very excited that 3 out of my 4 stories were winners too!

From the judges:

“Like a rollercoaster coming full circle, so have my wishes as a reader. You have crafted a piece of literature which sends one on a journey with emotional highs and lows, constantly changing one’s views, opinions and more importantly, one’s allegiance. You fulfilled the brief at every stage and deftly manipulated the readers experience when and where you wanted. Be proud of this and keep writing. I will certainly keep reading.”

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To read all four parts of the story, follow the links below:

This is Not the End (Part 1 – The End)

The Ones to Blame (Part 2 – Nearly the End)

The Best Night of My Life (Part 3 – Nearly the Start)

It’s All For You (Part 4 – The Start)

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