An update of sorts

I’ve been a bit quiet on news for a while, so I thought I would post an update. No competitions for me for a while, as I have been attempting to focus on editing the novel. (Cue dramatic music.)

I was about to post a cheery message about how far along I am, but I have just calculated it as under 10%, which feels less than inspiring. Nonetheless, I can say that I have NEARLY edited the first 10% to a point at which I will allow other humans to read it. Just 90% or so to go…

In an attempt to get myself moving, I have scheduled a meeting with my writing mentor for May, and she will be one of the first people to read the finished manuscript. The prospect is more than a little daunting for me (“Here, tell me what you think of my very soul. You will find it betwixt these pages.”), and that probably has a lot to do with why I haven’t finished yet!

I could easily blame life stuff: we’re doing renovations, my children’s dancing schedules have me on full-on taxi duties, I just finished a fitness challenge that made me go out and actually do exercise, um… the cats haven’t been getting on very well lately… None of it sounds that convincing. Truth is, I know that when I finish this round of edits, people have to read it. I am throwing a rather heavy and rectangular baby out of the nest.

I know that my beta readers will be constructive, and I also know that I need their feedback in order to make the story the best that it can be. With that in mind, the procrastinating stops here, and I will be as brave as I pretend to be when I’m trying to convince my children to face their fears.

Watch this space…


Sound of a large sheaf of paper thudding on the ground.

Sound of wine bottle opening.

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