Protest in Peace Shortlisted at NiTH!

I’ve been taking a bit of a break in an attempt to finish editing the novel, but Needle in the Hay’s Protest Pro Test Award sparked an idea for a story, and I couldn’t resist. The brief was to write a short story that showed victory through protest of sorts (along with a few other criteria). An image came to me of a peaceful sit-in, where the protesters were small white ghost children sitting on individual graves. I considered more traditional types of protest, but that particular image haunted me (sorry), and Protest in Peace was born.

I’m excited to see that Protest in Peace has been shortlisted, along with two other stories from the talented Lydia Trethewey and Joey To. I am a fan of both of these authors, and very happy to be in their company! You can read their work here.

To read Protest in Peace go here, and stay tuned for the winner announcement!

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