I See You Shortlisted at NiTH!

I’m happy to announce my story, I See You, has been shortlisted for Needle in the Hay’s Heineken Memorial Award. The award was created to commemorate the passing of a beloved NiTH pet, Heineken the dog.

The remit for the story was to celebrate friendship, throughout any obstacle, with a nod to a chance at a better life.

I See You is about a young woman who escapes from hospital with the aid of her best friend, Charlie. Not everyone in her life is as accepting of Charlie as she is, but she believes her life will be happier with Charlie in it. Spoilers would be easy at this point, but I will let the story tell you the rest.

I love animals, and have always had an assortment of pets around me. Two years ago I had to say goodbye to my beloved cat, Ginge, who had known me for longer than my husband has! Ginge accompanied me through many moves and upheavals, and he even emigrated to Australia with me. I stayed with him in his final moments, and he will stay with me forever.

We now have two beautiful blue Burmese cats, Mochi and Kita, along with a crazy menagerie of chickens, which we allowed the children to name. Currently we have Twilight Sparkle, Laguna Blue, Twyla, Twinkle, and Amber…

You can read the other shortlisted entries here.

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