First in my heat for the NYC Short Story Challenge!

The Round 1 results are in, and I am super excited (and more than a bit stunned) to report that my short story ‘The Missing Spark’ came first in its heat for the NYC Short Story Challenge 2018.

The NYC challenges are very tough but lots of fun. Writers from all over the world are allocated a genre, subject, and character, and then given a short timeframe in which to craft a story that meets those requirements.

For this round I was given: drama, graffiti, and a landscaper, and a 2500 word limit. I wrote about Mary, an older lady who is a little tired of her marriage to Gerald, and whose life is changed by a chance encounter with Luffy, a charismatic young activist.

I am now through to Round 2, in which we get new allocations, a 2000 word limit, and just 3 days to produce our stories! Big prizes await those who score highly in the finals, but one step at a time…

The feedback for my story was very positive. Judges were less keen on the title (The Missing Spark), and I agree with them on that front. Titles can be difficult at times, and I didn’t like it very much either. It’s taken two years (or more), and I still don’t have a title I like for my novel! Other comments from the judges below:

“The humor is subtle but enjoyable. The ending to your story is perfect. The writing nailed the dynamics of a stale long-term relationship, as well as the excitement of joining a new movement. Well done.”

Wish me luck for Round 2!


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