Human Jokes Wins NiTH Award!

I’m happy to say that my story, Human Jokes, was announced as Needle in the Hay’s winner for their Death and Public Speaking Award.

We were tasked to write a short story in which the stakes for public speaking were set mortally high.

In Human Jokes, my protagonist is an AI, who has to convince a frightened public that she didn’t really mean what she’d let slip in her last public address.

Feedback from the judges follows:

Effortless. Seemingly effortless. “I could wait forever, but humans perish quickly.”

Sarah comes alive through the little descriptions in this story. It’s the gravity of the speech – the lie – that says so much with so little. By approaching it in this way, it builds the stakes up so they are so high. We see the Pinnocchio in Sarah – “I could have hugged him,” but balanced against precise details like smiling, pupil dilation, and convincing, apologetic body language. Great story.”

You can read the other shortlisted stories here.

To read Human Jokes, click here.

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