NYC Midnight Round 1 Results

NYC Midnight is a New York based writing comp, in which writers from all over the globe can compete to get through numerous rounds of challenges, resulting in one over-all winner.

Writers are initially placed into groups, and the top 15 in each groups are awarded points. If you get enough points then you move ahead to further rounds; if you don’t, you don’t.

For this flash fiction challenge, my group was randomly assigned a genre, location, and object, as follows:

Fantasy – Backyard – Bathroom scales

I like Fantasy, but hitting the genre requirements can be hard. In a previous comp, NYC judges told me they liked my story, but that it didn’t reeeeeally qualify for the genre. Flash fiction lends itself to a small word count too, which can be trickier for some genres than others. There’s a degree of world-building with fantasy, and in flash fiction there is no time for that kind of shenanigans. You have to jump right in, and bring the reader with you. That being said, I love all things fantastical and magical, and live in fear of the day I draw Historical Fiction as a genre. (Perhaps a pre-emptive apology to the judges is warranted…)

My story is called The Too Small Heart, and is about an eight-year-old girl called Esther, who is grieving for her dead parents when a fairy appears, offering her a tempting deal at a terrible price.

The results of the round were announced today, and I’m excited that my story placed 4th in my round, scoring 12 out of a possible 15 points. Only the top 15 stories in each group receive points, and those points are added to our Round 2 scores to determine who goes on to Round 3. I now await the Round 2 instructions (please not Historical Fiction), and keep everything crossed that I score highly enough to stay in the game!

Did I mention that we only get 48 hours between receiving our assignments and submitting our stories? Well, in my case it will be about 12, due to prior arrangements at the weekend. Deep breath. Let’s do this.


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