Separation Anxiety Award Shortlist – FREE eBook

Separation Anxiety Award Shortlist – FREE eBook

Inspired by themes of separation, six authors put their own spin on things coming apart.

One topic. Six authors. Six very different tales.

Tobias Madden – Tobias’ Moving Day gives us a bittersweet separation with a twist at the end.

David R. Ford – Darling, I Wish You Hadn’t Done That puts a dark spin on a familial parting of ways.

Sophie L Macdonald – Roses For My Love is a supernatural romance from beyond the grave.

Jeanette Stampone – Time to Go is a deeply moving tale of an unwanted yet inevitable parting of ways.

Katarína Krajcirovicova – The Sentence of Love looks at the lengths people will go to in order to stay together.

Andrew Szemeredy – “Swirl” or The Mystery of the Missing Host is a humorous tale that will leave you with a smile.

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Publish by: Needle in the Hay

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